Meet Vera...

Stefan and Becky's youngest recruit and our wonderful daughter. She’s our health and safety and hazard tester extraordinaire. We’re proud to have her as part of the team and pay her accordingly.


▪Fascinating fact - “I was born by emergency C-Section at St Mary’s hospital Newport having started a beautiful home birth with my mummy and daddy here in Freshwater”


▪Favourite place on the Island - “In a sling on my mummy or being breast fed”. 


▪Favourite drink at the coffee house - “Mummy’s milk”.


▪Favourite food at the coffee house - “Rice crackers - I sneak them into the shop”.


▪Love about working at the coffee house - “The fact that I get to wander around and smile at all the people”. 


Come and say hi to Vera; she’s in most afternoons and special events in a sling on mummy or daddy. We love her and know you will too.

Vera po.png