Meet Stefan

The brave leader of our coffee house! He’s our ideas generator, sifter and finaliser as well as our main barista. His singing skills are no longer in the closet and he frequently plays and sings at our open mic night too. Stefan works so incredibly hard and is an inspiration. He’s a man of so many talents it’s quite simply unbelievable.


▪Fascinating fact - “I was invited to sing at a tribute concert to Jeff BuckIey in Paris; concluding the night with a rendition of Hallelujah - I’ll never forget it”. 


▪Favourite place on the Island - “Freshwater bay; I love seeing the power of the sea through the seasons”. 


▪Favourite food at the coffee house - “I love the chilled citrus rice pudding that we serve on our Spanish night, absolutely gorgeous; I can’t get enough of it”.


▪Favourite drink at the coffee house - “An espresso - when you get the coffee in and the coffee out right and everything aligns it’s quite simply - perfection”.


▪Love about working at the coffee house - “I love meeting so many new people and finding a way to make their day - the instant feedback means you know you’ve ‘hit the spot’ and that feeling it exhilarating”.


Come and say hi to Stefan, he’s in everyday usually making coffees - you might even catch him doing it with Vera in a sling. He’s amazing and we love him and know you will too.

Stefan po.png