Our Story...

We holidayed here on the Isle of Wight many times before moving from the mainland in October 2016. In July 2017 we decided that corporate life in London was not supportive of family, having held a life long ambition to open a Coffee House we thought - Let's do it!

Our Ambition; to serve great coffee, tea and food in a homely environment in which you can work and relax...

We hope you like it!

Stefan, Becky, Willoughby & Vera 

Our Food and Drink

Here at the Freshwater Coffee House we take our coffee and tea very seriously (and our soft drinks too!).

Island Roasted and Suki Tea; we work on our coffee ratio's, extraction and brewing times and 'tailor making' to suit your palate. Hot or iced; We'll hit the spot!

We have non-dairy options, oat and soy, available too.

We keep our food delicious, simple and uncomplicated; it's honest and inspired by our travel and friends.

Be it breakfast, brunch, lunch or early evening meals; omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or flexitarian - we've something for everyone.

Our Eco Policy


Bring your...

  • Friends

  • Children

  • Dog

  • Laptop or Ipad

  • Newspaper and books

  • Studies

  • Cycles

Order,Breathe, Relax


We try to be as eco friendly as possible, including using compostable takeaway cups, plates and cutlery for takeaways, washable handtowels in our toilets, compostable rubbish bags, reusable cups and act as a refill station too.


Let us know if you think there is anything else you think we could try

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