Meet Harrison

KP Extraordinaire and Star Wars and Lego fan. Hes camera shy and claims not to have any fascinating facts. Lets see.


▪ Fascinating fact - “I go fencing every week"

▪ Favourite place on the Island - “In front of my TV watching sci fi and fantasy/superhero films"

▪ Favourite food at the coffee house - “I really enjoy the cheese and onion toasties the team make for me"

▪ Favourite drink at the coffee house - “A bottle of pink stuff (Plump Summer Raspberry Cordial)

▪Love about working at the coffee house - “I love seeing the team and making sure I've done a good job".

Come and say hi to Harrison, he’s in a couple of shifts a week and covers our events. Studying hard; you'll see him even more in the Summer holidays. He’s got a heart of gold and we love him and know you will too.