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Meet Lucie...

Describe yourself in 3 words -

"Outgoing, Mixologist, Designer" 


Fascinating fact about yourself? -

“I was born in Cornwall because my mum walked up St Micheals Mount on holiday and I came out early”. 


Where is your Favourite place on the Island? -

“My favourite place on the Island has to be Priory Beach - it feels like you're on holiday and it's so peaceful”. 


What is your Favourite thing to drink at TFCH? -

"The TFCH Smoothie is definitely my favourite drink - an original refreshing recipe we came up with that is all because a customer asked me to surprise them one day!"


What is your Favourite thing to eat at TFCH? -

"Pancakes, yoghurt, fruit & granola is so delicous - I absolutely love them"


What do you love most about working at TFCH? - “I am very much a people person and I love interacting with lots of different people everyday (and their furry friends). The hard work is definitely worth it when you get to see peoples reactions to the amazing creations we're lucky enough to make and serve! I also love being able to use my graphic design skills and being given the opportunity to design things for TFCH"


Come and say hi to Lucie who is in everyday Tuesday to Saturday!

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