Meet Elliot...

Our ginger bread baking master and first recruit to the team. Revising hard for his A-Levels - we’re proud to have him as part of the team.

▪Fascinating fact - He used to live in Cyprus and got a love for music while learning guitar for one of his favourite songs to this day, Johnny B Goode.


▪Favourite place on the Island - Freshwater.


▪Favourite drink at the coffee house - Flat white because it's a perfect balance between ‘bitter’ and ‘sweet’ and is extremely smooth.

▪Favourite food at the coffee house - Treacle tart; ‘cos it's a great treat.

▪Love about working at the coffee house - Everyone gets on so well and you feel like you're a part of an amazing community


Come and say hi to him; he’s in most afternoons from 2pm and Saturdays too - we love him and know you will too.