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Meet Becky...

Stefan's wonderful wife and the backbone of our coffee house! She’s our menu designer, food technician and general all round master.


▪Fascinating fact - “I used to be Stefan’s boss” - She still is...

▪Favourite place on the Island - “The causeway; I love the wildlife you see there”.

▪Favourite food at the coffee house - “Obviously the smashed avocado on toast, but also our thick and yummy soup; it’s always homemade and full of veggies”.

▪Favourite drink at the coffee house - “Flat white! Smooth and strong but I also love our Turkish delight and mango tango teas, black tea that I drink with milk to give a smooth texture, but they feel really special, I love having tea that feels like a treat”.

▪Love about working at the coffee house - “I like that everyone is proud to work here and positive about what we do”.


Come and say hi to Becky, she’s in most afternoons and special events cooking, making coffees or keeping Vera and Willoughby occupied. She’s amazing and we love her and know you will too.

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